• Kewi, Polytech’Nice-Sophia, 930 route des Colles, BP 145, 06903 Sophia Antipolis CEDEX, FRANCE
  • email: kewi at polytech dot unice dot fr

Where is it ?

The team is hosted in the EPU building (Polytech' Nice - Sophia Antipolis, 930 route des Colles, Sophia Antipolis). This is not located in the main I3S buildings but nearby. See the map below for details. The (red) EPU building is next to I3S and INRIA. Also note that there are two EPU buildings 200 meters apart. We are located in the “Les Templiers” site building, not in the “Lucioles” site building.

How to go there ?

  • By plane: "Nice Cote d'Azur" airport (NCE). There are two terminals (T1 and T2) with a free and frequent shuttle bus circling between the terminals.
    • During week days, from the airport T1 TAM bus number 230 (Sophia Express bus) is direct to Sophia Antipolis through the motorway (stop at the “IUT - Templiers” bus stop shown on the map). See the bus schedule.
    • On saturdays, Sundays and Holidays you need to take metropolitan TAM bus number 200 (towards Cannes) and stop at the Antibes train station bridge (“passerelle SNCF” bus stop) before connecting to one of the buses from Antibes to Sophia Antipolis (see below). The buses time tables are sparse on Sundays and Holidays.
    • Taxi are available from both terminals. A taxi from the airport costs approximately 65 euros.
    • The taxi or bus 230 ride is approximately 20 minutes out of rush hours.
  • By train: “Antibes” train station. From the train station there are 3 options:
    • Bus Envibus line number 11 is direct from Antibes train station (“SNCF” bus stop) to EPU building (“IUT” bus stop).
    • Bus Envibus line number 1 runs from the train station bridge (“passerelle SNCF” bus stop) to Sophia Antipolis (“IUT bus stop”). Be aware that there are 2 buses number 1 line ends: “Lycée Léonard de Vinci” (these ones stops before reaching Sophia Antipolis) and “Gare Routière de Valbonne - Sophia Antipolis” (take one of these).
    • Bus Envibus line number 9 runs from bus stop “Vautrin bas” (in the vicinity of the Antibes train station bridge, short walk on your left after crossing the bridge) to the “Belugues” bus stop in Sophia Antipolis (see map). Be aware that there are 2 buses number 9 line ends: “Lycée Léonard de Vinci” (these ones stops before reaching Sophia Antipolis) and “Gare Routière de Valbonne - Sophia Antipolis” (take one of these).
  • By car: A8 highway. Exit at “Antibes - Sophia Antipolis” then follow Sophia Antipolis and reach “carrefour des Chappes” round-about on the map below.
  • Detailed map for the last pedestrian step (our building is the red one, also called EPU: Ecole Polytechnique Universitaire). From “Carrefour du golf” (“IUT / les templiers” bus stop), the access is pedestrian: follow the red path (either following the road around the University restaurant or crossing through the University restaurant following the stairs in front of you). The path leads to the highest floor of the building (4th floor). The access to this level is controlled by access card. To enter the building, go down two levels following the stairs along the building and ask for access to the 4th floor at the reception desk.

Nearby hotels

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